FCC Regulations


The FCC enforces the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Based upon the TCPA, the FCC has created a number of additional telemarketing regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations.  Some of the issues addressed by these telemarketing regulations are:

What if the federal telemarketing regulations on a certain issue are different than the state telemarketing regulations?

You must follow whichever rule is more restrictive. For example, the federal rules prohibit telemarketing calls after 9pm, but the state of Mississippi prohibits calls after 8pm. When calling Mississippi, you would need to follow the Mississippi rule because it is more restrictive - you cannot call into Mississippi after 8pm their local time.

Many of the FTC and FCC telemarketing restrictions overlap. Your should always follow the most strict rule to ensure compliance.  For more information about complying with the FCC Telemarketing Consumer Protection Act, contact a Telemarketing Attorney. Consider having a telemarketing attorney perform a telemarketing compliance audit.  


Some content on this page was made before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals’ March 2018 Decision, which can be accessed here: http://bit.ly/2HHTfND