FTC Telemarketing Regulations


FTC Telemarketing regulations.  The FTC's principal telemarketing regulation is the Telemarketing Sales Rule, which the FTC last amended in November, 2015. Some of the issues addressed by this FTC telemarketing regulation include:

Do I need to follow the federal telemarketing regulations or the local state telemarketing regulations?

Usually both. Both the feds and the states have jurisdiction over telemarketing activities. You always need to follow the federal rules. You also need to follow the state rules in any state you call into or in which you maintain a professional telemarketing license.  Both the federal telemarketing rules and state rules must be followed.

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Many of the FTC and FCC telemarketing regulations overlap. It is therefore always recommended that you comply with the stricter rule. For more information about complying with the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule contact a Telemarketing Attorney