Telemarketing Regulations
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  The information on this website has been provided to assist the business community in understanding telemarketing regulations. There are numerous telemarketing regulations on both the federal and state levels. Federal telemarketing regulations are overseen by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Many states have their own state telemarketing regulations that specifically apply when telemarketing to or from those individual states. In other states, the only telemarketing regulations are the state's general consumer protection laws which apply to all forms of marketing.  This site is merely a sneak-peak into the complex world of telemarketing regulation.  To ensure full compliance with all state and federal telemarketing regulations, please contact a qualified telemarketing regulations attorney.

State and Federal telemarketing regulations implement and enforce the Do-Not-Call law lists, DNC regulationstelemarketing registrationautodialer law and robocall law, telemarketing fines, telemarketing licenses, telemarketing bondscell do not call rules, and other telemarketing rules.

Which telemarketing regulations apply to you?   It depends. Which telemarketing laws and call center regulations apply to you depends on a number of factors. Some of the most important factors are: (1) the location of your business; (2) the type of products and services you offer; (3) which states you call into; (4) how you dial numbers - manual, automated, preview, predictive, etc.; (5) the type of leads you call; and (6) whether you qualify for any telemarketing exemptions. If you call into only a few states, you will be subject to far less regulation than if you are running a national or international campaign. If you use an autodialer, more laws will apply to you than if your agents dial numbers manually (autodialer laws). Also, depending on how aggressive your products are, additional product-specific and industry-specific rules may apply. There are both federal and state telemarketing laws. Many foreign countries have started developing telemarketing rules as well. Ensure that you understand cell phone telemarketing laws and regulations for charities and nonprofits

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